New CFL eFootball Tournament on FIFA 21

The Charity Football League is proud to announce a new eFootball FIFA tournament on PlayStation which will kick off on Saturday 19th June 2021 at 11:30am.

There will be an entrance fee of £5 per player and 100% of our profits will go to charity. 50% will support Jacari our main charity and the other 50% will support NHS Charities for all the wonderful work being done in the fight against Covid- 19.

Please click here to find out more about our work with Jacari.

So if you have a PlayStation 5 and are a gamer, FIFA lover, or just want to make the most of your free time, then sign up now!

Selected games live be broadcast live on our Twitch account. More info to follow!


  • 32 team tournament on Playstation 5 from Saturday 19th June to Saturday 26th June.
  • All the games will be 5 mins per half except the final which will be 10 mins per half.
  • There will be a round robin and knockout stage to decide the winner.
  • Players will be drawn into 8 groups (A-H).
  • The top two teams in each group will qualify for the knockout stages.
  • All games will be one versus one and internet access will be required by all players.
  • Two groups will be completed on each day e.g. day 1 will be group A and B; day 2 will be group C and D; day 3…
  • All the knockouts will be completed in a single day.

Entrance rules

  • All players must be a minimum of 13 years of age.
  • All players must share gameplay with the Charity Football League’s Twitch account.
  • All games must be recorded, and screenshots taken of the final score.
  • Entrance fee of £5 will be required.

Click here to register, or if you want to find out more, contact us here.