Is parking available?

There are usually parking spaces available at the facility, except for when building works are taking place.

How much does it cost?

At Iffley Road (April-September) it’s £40 per team per game (we play eight-a-side, which is equivalent to £5 per head). You get 35 minutes playing time. At Oxford Academy (October-March) it’s £30 per team per game (we play six-a-side, equivalent to £5 per head) and you get 35 minutes playing time. For new teams there is also an annual registration fee as part of our affiliation with the Oxfordshire FA. This covers a team’s registration from July to June. 

How do I pay?

On registering your captain will need to sign up for direct debit payment with us. The team payment is then taken each week by direct debit on the day of the game.

How much playing time do I get?

Each match lasts 35 minutes.

How long does each league last?

Our current leagues last between 8 and 14 weeks.

How do I join?

To sign up, click here. To ask any questions, please contact us here.

I do not have a team but I have a few friends that may want to join too – what should I do?

Simply sign up by clicking here. One of the options allows you to state you have friends who are interested in joining you. Also note in the comments box the names of the others who want to play in the same team – ask your friends to do the same. Alternately you can contact the CFL team by clicking here.

Are the games refereed?

Yes, the Charity Football League provides a referee for each game. We’re a competitive but friendly league that values good sportsmanship, and our referees oversee this.

How many teams are there in the league?

Up to eight teams play in each league.

Is there a minimum age for players?

Our minimum age is 18.

Do I have to wear shin pads?

Shin pads are highly recommended but optional. Players choose not to wear them at their own risk.

I have more questions!

Do let us know if you have any other questions. To contact us please click here.